3 in 1 Digital 18 Percent Gray White Black Balance Card Set Photography Exposure with Neck Strap


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3 in 1 Digital 18% Gray White Black BalanceCard Set Photography Exposure with Neck Strap for Camera

1.Material: Card stock
2.Size: 8.5 x 5.4cm
3.Coatings: 100% pigment coated
4.Perfect for: Digital and file photography, exposure and color/white balance
Gray card:
A gray card is used to obtain correct color or B&W exposures every time regardless of contrast, brightness or conditions. For accurate exposure, reflectance must equal exactly 18%.
Black card:
Gennerally, black card is used to cover stray light, or to get an even exposure for different positions of the image.
White card:
A white card is basically used to define white balance. It can ensure to poduce accurate and even netural white in any given light condition.
Packing Included:
1 x Gray card
1 x White card
1 x Black card
1 x Lanyard
Camera and other accessories are NOT included.

Detail Pictures: