Electric Heated Warming Booties Moist Therapy Manicure Pedicure Treatment


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These Booties are designed to provide soothing and relaxing warmth to the clients' feet during pedicure/manicure treatments.
The heat will open the pores allowing deeper penetration of oil and moisturising agents, helping to soften cuticles, moisture dry nails and enhance the paraffin wax treatment.
They are also therapeutic, delivering the ideal heat to help inflammation and joints with clients' that have Arthritis too.
For Salon and Home use.
Two temperature settings.

Power: 80W
Input: 220V
Color: White
Size of Mittens: Approx. 34 x 17 x 2 cm
Length of Cable : Approx.175cm

Note:If your country's Voltage is 110V, please click the picture or the link to buy the Voltage Transformer:

Package Included:
1 X set of Electric Heated Booties

Direction to use:
1. Trim and smooth nails before treatment to avoid damage to the inside linings.
2. Plug in and set the temperature. H-Higt(50-60 degree)or L-Low (degree) according to the treatment or your client condition.
3. Apply moisturizer before putting you feet into the protector bag.
4. Working time 10-20minutes and wipe clean with damp cloth.