Hight Capacity NP-FW50 7.2V 750MAH Li-ion Battery For Sony


Hight Capacity NP-FW50 7.2V 750MAH Li-ion Battery For Sony

Description :

Weight 40g
Voltage  7.2V
Model NP-FW50
Size : 45.2 x 31.9 x 18.7
Actual capacity 750mah
Label capacity 1500mah
Compatible Sony
Fit for camera/ camcorder
Battew specificaion 072836AL*2
Screen printing/ labeling Labeling
Feature High quality lithium ion battery manufacturing,set within the multiple protection function, protecting overcharge, over discharge, over current, with long service life, high capacity, features, working for a long time, reliable quality, is the ideal companion for digital cameras, camera.
Support for SONY NEX-5 NEX3   sony NEX-3 NEX-3A NEX-3D NEX-3DW NEX-3K NEX-3KS NEX-5 NEX-5A NEX-5C NEX-5D NEX-5DB NEX-5HB NEX-5K NEX-5KS SLT-A33  SLT-A55 etc .

<< Lithium battery, use common sense >>

1. Try to keep the battery runs out (display "battery", then the next charging
2. In use in the future without the restrictions, but the best time to charge 2-4 hours the battery is completely charged.
3. Repeated several times, the battery will be activated to achieve the best, and the camera will reach the most long standby time.
4. When you use a new battery, a few times before charging time is maintained at 10 hours (don't charge 1-2 hours display "battery has been full of" prompt).

Warning & Note

Warning & Note 1 : Do not put the battery into the fire explosion, be careful.
2 : Do not use metal contact battery cathode, anode, so as to avoid the short circuit of the battery.
3 : Do not use inferior charger, do not charge universal charge, long-term use of scrap batteries, (please charge using the original charging appliance or brand charger)
4 : Battery is not used for a long time, please fill point storage, can be stored for a long time in the not completely under the condition of no power
5: The battery when not in use, please save placed in the box, and stored at a temperature of 20 degrees in the environment, to maintain the battery performance, do not store in 40 degrees or below – 10 degrees in the environment, or the performance of the battery declines.

Package Included :

1 x li-ion NP-FW50 battery

Detail Pictures :

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