Kitchen Baking Silicone Measuring Cup With Scale DIY Cake Baking Tools


The Silicone Measuring Cup is great for measuring water, cream, sugar, flour, etc, with water, sugar, flour scale, more convenient for using.
Made 100% food grade platinum silicone, does not contain any toxic substances meet ROHS, SGS and UL environmental requirements.
Soft, strong compressibility, high elasticity, tear-resistant, flexible, easy to clean, reusable, long service life.
High and low temperature resistant, temperature range: -60 to 240 ° C.
Material: Food Grade Platinum Silicone
Temperature Range: -60 to 240 ° C
Color: White
Volume: M: 50~500ML
                L: 100~1000ML
Dimension: Mouth Dia x Bottom Dia x Height
 Appr. 121MM x 105MM x 170MM   
Weight: Appr.288g
Package Included: 
1 X Baking Silicone Measuring Cup With Scale
Instructions and Precautions:
1.Do not directly touch with an open flame or near a heat source (such as oven heating pipe), 
2.Use mild detergent in dishwasher or hot water cleaning, turn over the mold,easier for washing;
3. Do not close to sharp objects or use of steel balls and other hard cleaning tools cleaning;

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